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Writing desk in pine wood with divisions and 1 drawer..Measure   - Total exterior 31.5x15x20.5 cm. .

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Solid pine clock to decorate. It has a back cover to put the machinery. Available in two sizes..Measurements   - Small: 20x14.5x37 cm.   - Large: 23x14.5x40 cm. . UNTIL END OF STOCK

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Family of fully sanded beech wood dolls suitable for painting. Available in 5 shapes Woman measure L 9 x Ø 4 cm. Man measure L 9 x Ø 4 cm. Little girl measure L 5.5 x Ø 2,5 cm. Child measure L 5.5 x Ø 2 cm. Baby measure L 3 x Ø 1,5 cm.

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Decorative applique shapes, made of poplar 4mm. Ideal for paint. Size 6x4 cm.

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Christmas tree in 2 pieces. Perfect for any corner of the house or office.Ideal to paint it yourself or the kids in the house..Measure   - 14x11 cm. .

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Poplar plate puzzle in 12 pieces. Measurements: 20,5x15x1 cm.

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Solid wood egg to decorate it yourself..Measurements   - Length 9 cm.   - Thick 5 cm. .

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Furniture desktop box made of poplar with 9 drawers for storing all kinds of small objects and have everything in order. This timber is perfect to paint and decorate it as you like. Overall Dimensions: 35,5 x 16 x 26 cm.       length x width x height

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Pack of 5 slices of natural wood with bark measures between Ø5 and 6 cm. Approximate thickness of slices 0.5 cm. Being a 100% natural product there are imperfections between some slices and others. They are as seen in the photos. .

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Rectangular and round shaped varnished beech wood handle. They are ideal to give a special and more professional finish to your favorite stamps. Total length of the piece 7.5 cm. To adhere the seal to the wooden base you can use double-sided tape, cold silicone or any craft glue. Rectangular shape 6.5x4.5 cm. Round shape Ø5 cm.  

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