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Wooden tray to classify Ref.PLFT7

Natural wooden tray to classify all those small elements that you find along the way. This tray with 20 compartments will allow you to always have it neat and in sight. Don't you think it's a great idea? Total measurement 46.5x31.5x6.5 cm.

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Set 5 unpainted Matryoshka dolls Ref.OP63772

Unpainted natural wood matryoshka. Includes 5 pieces of handmade Russian dolls. You can paint whatever you want, just use your imagination and create your own matryoshka dolls. Measurements Ø6x11 - Ø4x8 - Ø3x6 - Ø2x4 - Ø1x1.5 cm. 5 piece set

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Wooden Christmas ornament ball Ref.H3733
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Laser cut Christmas ball ornament made of 5 mm cotton wool. thick, ideal for painting and decorating as you like. This Christmas there is no excuse to decorate the house as you like. You can also personalize it with your name or logo..Measure - Ø9 cm. If you want to add an engraving, click the "Add engraving to this product" button and follow the...

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Wooden handle for stamps Ref. BC1
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Rectangular and round shaped varnished beech wood handle. They are ideal to give a special and more professional finish to your favorite stamps. Total length of the piece 7.5 cm. To adhere the seal to the wooden base you can use double-sided tape, cold silicone or any craft glue. Rectangular shape 6.5x4.5 cm. Round shape Ø5 cm.  

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Slices of wood Ø5 - 6 cm. 5 pcs Ref.R780

Pack of 5 slices of natural wood with bark measures between Ø5 and 6 cm. Approximate thickness of slices 0.5 cm. Being a 100% natural product there are imperfections between some slices and others. They are as seen in the photos. .

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Circle and pentagon wooden boards Ref.P3742

Solid natural pine wood boards 2 cm. thick. Ideal for painting, naming them, for events... everything you can think of!.Measurements - Circle: Ø23.5x2 cm. - Pentagon: 24x24x2 cm. They are sold separately.

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Puzzle pieces plate 12 Ref.P115PZ
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Poplar plate puzzle in 12 pieces. Measurements: 20,5x15x1 cm.

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Wooden family - Peg Dolls
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Family of fully sanded beech wood dolls made by hand suitable for painting. Available in 5 shapes. Measurements  - Woman L 9 x Ø4 cm.  - Man L 9 x Ø4 cm.  - Girl L 5.5 x Ø2.5 cm.  - Child L 5.5 x Ø2 cm.  - Baby L 3 x Ø1,5 cm..Sold individually.

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Solid wood egg Ref.P1511

Solid wood egg to decorate it yourself..Measurements   - Length 9 cm.   - Thick 5 cm. .

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Box 9 drawers cabinet Ref.AR1598

Tabletop box cabinet made of poplar with 9 drawers to store all kinds of small objects and always have everything in order. This wood is perfect to paint and decorate as you like..Measure - Exterior: 35.5x16x26 cm..

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Applique decoration Ref.P1343

Decorative applique shapes, made of poplar 4mm. Ideal for paint. Size 6x4 cm.

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Clock to decorate Ref.2218

Solid pine clock to decorate. It has a back cover to put the machinery. Available in two sizes..Measurements   - Small: 20x14.5x37 cm.   - Large: 23x14.5x40 cm. . UNTIL END OF STOCK

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Christmas tree Ref.P00PN01

Christmas tree in 2 pieces. Perfect for any corner of the house or office.Ideal to paint it yourself or the kids in the house..Measure   - 14x11 cm. .

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Square pen beaker Ref.CCJC61

Beaker for pens and pens made of beech wood. Varnishing to protect it from dirt..Measurements   - 10.5x6x6 cm. .

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Birdhouse Ref.P00CP10
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Birdhouse ideal for painting and putting it on any shelf as decoration..Measure   - Total with roof 18x12x21 cm. .

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Boy-girl door plate Ref.P00PP8

Poplar plate for the door cut in the shape of a boy and a girl. It is ideal to paint or name it..Measurements   - 24.5 x 9.5 x 0.4 cm. .

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Wooden houses to decorate Ref.OP569067

Natural solid wood houses ideal for painting or to leave them as is decorating a shelf or corner. Available in 3 sizes..Measurements - Small 8x8x15 cm. - Medium 8x8x20 cm. - Large 8x8x25 cm. Sold individually.

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Oval mirror frame Ref.601

Frame for oval mirror made of beech wood. It takes a recess to place a mirror..Measurements   - Exterior 68x49 cm.   - 4.5 cm wide molding . OFFER UNTIL THE END OF STOCK

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Wooden shoe rack with double wing Ref. 1429

Pine wood shoe cabinet with two compartments. It is ideal to order everything you need to clean your shoes.It has a practical handle to transport it..Measurements   - 39x20x27 cm. . UNTIL END OF STOCK

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Double wing wooden shoe rack Ref. 1428

Pine wood shoe rack with double wing so you can keep everything you need to clean your shoes. Large compartment that you can access from either of the two wings..Measurements   - 40x26x21 cm. . UNTIL END OF STOCK

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