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Wooden tray to classify Ref.PLFT7

Natural wooden tray to classify all those small elements that you find along the way. This tray with 20 compartments will allow you to always have it neat and in sight. Don't you think it's a great idea? Total measurement 46.5x31.5x6.5 cm.

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Inclined trays 2 measures Ref.P1141L
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Natural pine wood trays with sloping edges. Ideal to decorate your tables Available in 2 sizes.Exterior measurements - Small 20x20x5.5 cm. - Large 35x25x5.5 cm.

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Square wooden trays with handles Ref.P1091AZ
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Square natural pine wood trays with handles. Ideal to decorate your tables Available in 2 sizes Small 17.5x17.5x5.5 cm.Exterior Large 33x33x5.5 cm. Exterior

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Corrugated trays 2 measures Ref.P1195

Natural pine wood trays with wavy edges. Ideal to decorate your tables. Wooden trays with a special decoration to give a touch of home. Available in 2 sizes..External measure- Small: 20.5x20.5x5.5 cm.- Large: 35.5x20.5x5.5 cm. .

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Rectangular tray fences 35x24x11 cm. Ref.P00TG01

Rectangular tray of natural poplar wood with fences. It is ideal for making tables of sweets or decorations, fruit baskets ....Measure  - Interior: 33x21.5x9 cm.

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Shopping for products BB Ref.P00TB01
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Poplar wood tray basket box is ideal for storing household baby products on top of the dressers..Measurements  - Exterior: 30x22x11 cm.  - Interior: 28x20x10 cm. If you want to add an engraving, click the "Add engraving to this product" button and follow the instructions.

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Small rectangular tray Ref.P1092
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Small rectangular tray made of natural pine with handles..Measurements  - Exterior: 32.5x17.5x4.5 cm.  - Interior: 30x15x3 cm.

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Pine tray box with handles 2 sizes Ref.A2015
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Tray box made of solid pine wood, Pefc certified natural, unpainted, with handles and rounded corners 1.2 cm thick. Available in 2 sizes. MeasurementsLittle - Exterior: 30x20x13.5 cm. - Interior: 27.5x17.5x11.5 cm.Big - Exterior: 40x30x13.5 cm. - Interior: 37.5x27.5x11.5 cm. You can also find it with a cap Ref. A2016 .

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Pine basket box with handles 30x30x30 cm. Ref.A2017

Wooden basket box with handles made of solid pine wood PEFC certified from sustainable forests. It is sold in natural without varnishing. It has rounded corners and is stackable..Measurements  - Exterior: 30x30x30 cm.   - Interior: 27,5x27,5x27,5 cm.  .

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High pine tray boxes with handles 2 sizes Ref.A2018

PEFC certified pine wood boxes from sustainable forests with handles. They are sold in natural without varnishing. They have rounded corners and are stackable. Available in 2 sizes..MeasurementsLittle - Exterior: 40x30x23 cm. - Interior: 38x28x21.5 cm.Big - Exterior: 60x40x23 cm. - Interior: 58x37.5x21.5 cm.

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Pine tray box with handles 60x40x14 cm. Ref.A2019
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Box tray in solid natural pine wood unvarnished, with handles and rounded corners. Prepared to paint and varnish if desired. It is 1.2 cm thick. Measure 60x40x14 cm. . If you want to add an engraving to your box select add engraving to this product. The engraving for this article would be done inside.

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Natural fruit basket box 48x30x11 cm. Ref.T0628

Tray box with 2 slats made of natural pine wood. Ideal for deliveries of your gourmet products, decoration of commercial premises, warehouses, restaurants, gift baskets... .Measure  - Interior: 46x28x10 cm..They can be personalized with a name or logo, the height of the engraving not exceeding 3 cm.

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Mini shaped trays 2 models Ref.P00CE01

Mini wooden trays with cut-out shape or slanted edges. Ideal for tables of sweets, account holders, candies or other products..Measurements- Shaped: 12.5x8.5x7.5 cm.- With Inclined Edges: 12x9x3.5 cm.

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Small wooden basket 10x8x6 cm. natural or black Ref.CR3

Small multipurpose wooden basket, ideal as a bead holder, to present some food, for sugar in a restaurant or as a toy basket for the little ones in the house..Measurements  - 10x8x6 cm. Available in two natural or black finishes.Sold individually.

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