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Pictures 5 cm frames with photo glass Ref.PVL5

Pine wood frames with glass included and back so you can place the photo horizontally or vertically. Perfect to paint them! The molding is 5 cm wide. and we have them in 3 measures to choose..Measurements   - For photos of 10x15 cm.   - For photos of 13x18 cm.   - For photos of 15x20 cm. .

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Kid's frames REF. 3010
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White lacquered wooden frames for 10x15 photos, with glass and rear support to put the photo horizontally or vertically. Each frame has a wooden motif lacquered in color according to the images. Indicate the color and shape of the motif you like by choosing it in the Children's Shooters section.

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Shaped frame molding REF.PMCR6V

Poplar shaped frame for 15x20 cm photos. with glass and back included..Measure - 42.5x32x1 cm. .

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Frame box 10x10.5x3 cm. Ref. 4830

Ideal frame box for collectibles or gifts, coins, jewelry, stamps, photos ... It is composed of two flexible transparent membranes in which the article to be displayed is enclosed being in the position in which it is placed and giving the impression that it floats within the frame, at the same time that the article is seen on both sides ..Measurements   -...

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