Interlocking grip discs Ref.CCDV32

The interlocking interlocking gripping discs are made of natural beech wood. They serve so that children begin to train psychomotor coordination. It helps the baby learn to pass objects from one hand to another and to stimulate the senses. They cannot be separated.
- 7xØ5 cm. thick 1 cm.

One more complement to the basket of treasures

Recommended from 2-3 months


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You will be surprised to see how your baby grabs them and passes them from one hand to the other!

In these early stages, babies begin to explore their world with their hands and pass objects from one hand to the other without stopping. In this way, they begin to work on the coordination of the hands and develop fine motor skills. These gripping discs are perfect for this phase of motor work while learning the turn of the wrist.

It is recommended to use all children's items always under the supervision of an adult and make sure that all items are in perfect condition.

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