€ 3.95 Unit/VAT not included

Customize your item by laser engraving your Logo, brand or text.
You must add the amount according to the number of boxes or items you want to engrave.

NOTE: If the engraving is a full cover you have to add 2 units. of engraving to the Cart according to the model of the box and if it is indicated in the description of the box.

From 30 units. discounts applied.

If the engravings that you are going to add are different, you must do one by one. First upload your image 'select file' indicating the size for your engraving and very important then press SAVE and then ADD TO CART. If they are different engravings, repeat this operation as many times as you need different engravings and if they are the same engravings for all the articles, you must add the same quantity as the article to be engraved in your shopping cart.

* The engraving for Ref. USBCH5 will be a color print.

1Agregar imagen y texto a grabar

After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.

Allowed file formats are: GIF, JPG, PNG

  • add a image
  • add a text
No valen imagenes en color

2Agregue el grabado al carrito