TeachingBox for attention and serialization Ref. BOX12

This box is designed to imitate the models of the different cards it contains, each stick of a specific color must be inserted into the hole or the corresponding position according to the image.

We work:
- Colors
- Imitation of models
- Visual discrimination
- Fine motor
- Eye-hand coordination (eye-hand)
- Cognitive skills (attention, perception ...)

+3 years


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56,20 €

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Contains: 16 geometric shapes in beech wood of 20x30 cm. composed of rectangles, squares, triangles, colored circles in 4 primary colors.

It includes an ecological cotton bag to put all the materials to be used and an instruction sheet.

The instruction sheet is made of washable wallpaper so that if it gets dirty it can be cleaned and with rounded corners to avoid cuts.

As they are natural wood, they can have their own wood betas.

We recommend that children play under adult supervision.

For the purchase of a TeachingBox, a gift of 1 set of 5 sensory pillows.